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Our thinking mind creates the so called maya, the grand illusion, the matrix, the game… It is just a construct of our thinking mind, not the reality itself.

In this constructed world people are rated according to their social status, wealth, looks, race, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, different kind of abilities… It’s fine, as long as it’s not interfering with individual worth and rights of each human being.

But it interferes all the time. Lots of people are deprived of vital things – personal freedom, self-worth, human rights, means for living or even the life itself – things that inherently belong to every individual.

So in order to address this problem and to promote the true nature of human being we have created the symbol for the idea of being human.




In this symbol, the upper space is the illusion. In this space you are a big boss, a Muslim, a colored person, a disabled person, a celebrity, beautiful, ugly, strong, old, young, weak, stupid, intelligent, poor, rich…

In this space we differ a lot and according to our characteristics we have different functions and perform differently. This is the human game. And that is ok, because playing games is fun and it helps us to evolve. But most of the people in our contemporary world don’t see that as a game. For them the illusion is the only one reality they known. That is why they are not playing, but fighting, discriminating, killing, stealing – it is the mainstream philosophy of life, actions and reactions, a vicious cycle with a self-destructing tendency.

There is a possibility to escape this illusion. It can be done by understanding and accepting the true human nature. Look at the lower part of the symbol. We are all humans. We are all equal. Maybe our functions differ in the human game but that has nothing to do with who we really are.

Achievement does not, except by arbitrary definition, augment your intrinsic worth. If you see yourself as a “better” or “greater” person because you succeed at something, you may temporarily feel “worthier.” But your successes actually do not raise your intrinsic worth one bit; nor do your failures lower your human value. You may achieve greater happiness or more efficiency by achieving this or that goal. But feeling “better off” does not make you a “better person.” You are “good”, “worthwhile,” or “deserving,” if you want to use these poor terms, simply because you exist, because you are alive. To raise your “ego” by achievements actually is a false pride: the Belief that you are worthless unless you have accomplished, and the accompanying Belief that because you have accomplished you have “real” value.
— Albert Ellis

There is a need to understand our intrinsic worth and stop rating ourselves and other people according to external appearances. If we can’t learn to see life that way, then there always be wars, inequality and violation of human rights.


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This is an “open source” symbol that can be used by anyone in order to spread the message. The symbol can be used in different ways and in different media. It can also be interpreted creatively. Please send us your photos or your creative designs with this symbol and we will showcase them in our tumblr page.

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